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Sue & Jeff
Both Javier and Diego were amazing to work with!!! Javier made me feel super comfortable during the photo shoot. He was very patient and very interested in capturing all the beautiful detail. I could tell he really cared about making a couple's dream come true. He also gave me a lesson on Costa Rican culture which was very interesting. Both Diego and Javier captured some beautiful, creative shots. The quality of the video and photography was extremely high. We were very impressed. Diego was very patient with me as I am a very detailed person and had special requests. He worked extremely hard to make sure the final video was everything I wanted it to be. We are extremely happy with all of our photos and videos. Thank you so much for making everything so perfect and being so wonderful. :)
Tori Carpenter
It was a pleasure working with you! Thank you again for making this such a wonderful experience for us!
Tony Dinkins
On behalf of my wife we both want to thank you for making our wedding special. Everyone complimented your professionalism and how great you handled our party. From the bottom of our hearts thank you!!!!!
Blaire and Bowen
Thanks again for the video and the photos. Really appreciate everything you did for us! It was just perfect!!
Kathryn and Chad Phillips
Thank you for the pictures! We love them!!
Laura & Leslie
Les agradecemos de todo corazón el acompañarnos y haber plasmado en estas fotografías tan bellas un momento tan especial en nuestras vidas. Significa muchísimo para nosotros de verdad!
Amanda & Stephen
Thank you so much!!!It was a pleasure to work with you both; Perhaps we will meet again for an anniversary photoshoot in a few years time :)
Thank you so much! The video far exceeds our expectations. We love it and everyone who was at the wedding agrees